Wall vs. Modular Storage

Wall vs. Modular Storage

By Jack Coleman

Assessing your storage needs can sometimes be challenging. There are a lot of products to choose from; some of which look as though they might fit your needs but leave you feeling unsure in the end. When figuring out what type of storage hardware to purchase the two main types that you’re likely to encounter are wall units and modular storage units.

Modular Storage

Modular storage units are best suited for people that need to store a lot of stuff that is not easily hung up on a wall or easily set on a shelf. Modular storage units can be stacked, and lined up together and are easy to work with and adjust. They come in a few different styles and shapes, but most modular storage units come in the form of a cabinet that includes multiple drawers. The amount of drawers and the size of the drawers varies with the unit.

The downside to modular storage is that it tends to be more expensive than wall storage. However, modular storage makes up for the cost with extra room. It is estimated that modular storage units allow you to utilise around 70% more space than standard wall shelves do. In addition to allowing more space to be utilised, modular storage units are more secure. Items are less likely to be damaged if they are placed securely inside of a modular unit opposed to sitting out in the open on a shelf.

Wall Storage

While modular storage offers a lot of perks, there are plenty of wall storage shelving units that will keep your stuff safe. If you don’t have a ton of stuff that you need to store you may be better off investing in a wall storage set up. Wall storage is the more economical option and is the way that most people tend to go if they do not need to worry about maximising space. Wall storage units also offer the advantage of being able to see the items that you are storing. Modular units are enclosed, and without proper labeling, it can become hard to find what you’re looking for.

Some people view the openness of wall storage as a disadvantage because the shelves can often get messy. This downside can easily be remedied by making sure that you give your wall storage shelves a little maintenance each week to keep things organised.

When push comes to shove

If you value an organised, clean-cut appearance in your storage area, you are most likely to be happy with a modular storage set up. The clear, concise appearance of these units cannot be rivaled by standard shelving. Modular units are the clear winner for those who prioritise the need to keep many different items organised without the mess.

If the appearance of your storage area isn’t something that you’re all that concerned about, you’re likely better off going with a wall storage system. Wall storage systems are economical and practical for those who do not have many items to keep track of. If you still find that you’re unable to decide on which route that you want to take, there are plenty of mix and match options on the market to choose from. A combination of modular and wall storage can give you the best of both worlds. This is also a great way to see what aspects of storage you appreciate the most. If you find that you use the modular part of your storage system more than the shelving, you may decide that it is worth it to invest in a full modular storage system down the road.

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