Transform your garage in 3 easy steps

1. Clean

The only way to really know what lurks in your garage is to remove all the items inside. Yes, everything. This forces you to make a storage decision on every item. Keep items you’ll move back into the garage. Donate or Sell items that can be given to friends, online donation sites or community charities, or sold at a garage sale or online. Toss or Recycle items you simply don’t use or that are damaged beyond repair.

2. Plan

Measure your space It’s important to get your exact dimensions including:

  • Front, back and side walls
  • Size and location of windows and doors,including doorstep
  • Location of studs, stairs, outlets and switches
  • Floorspace and space occupied by your car(s)

3. Build

Create a wall organisation system Using your walls for storage is a smart way to get gear up off the floor and maximise space to transform your garage into an area you can actually use.
Protect your garage floor A covered garage floor is easier to install than you might think and adds style and protection, too.
Choose the right cabinets Storage cabinets are an excellent choice when you want to clear items from the floor and keep them safely hidden behind closed doors.

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