4' Wide GearTrack® Channels (6-Pack)
4' Wide GearTrack® Channels (6-Pack)

4' Wide GearTrack® Channels (6-Pack)


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1219.2mm Wide x 152.4mm High x 19.1mm Deep. Holds up to 32.5 kg per linear foot of GearTrack ®.

Designed to reclaim the floor and maximize storage capacity and flexibility. Installs on bare wood studs or drywall over wood studs. May also may be fitted onto masonry walls. Screw track provides a guide for starting screws and prevents "walking". No pre-drilling needed. Double channel design keeps wall components and heavy gears locked in place until they are ready to be moved.

Includes 6 x 1.22m GearTrack® Panels. 10 Year Limited Warranty. Grey Finish.

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